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Leonardo Da Vinci wrote:

“As to those who say that shells existed for a long time and were born at a distance from the sea, from the nature of the place and of the cycles, which can influence a place to produce such creatures — to them it may be answered: such an influence could not place the animals all on one line, except those of the same sort and age; and not the old with the young, nor some with an operculum and others without their operculum, nor some broken and others whole, nor some filled with sea-sand and large and small fragments of other shells inside the whole shells which remained open; nor the claws of crabs without the rest of their bodies . . .”

Since the beginning mankind is fascinated by the prehistoric testemonies we find in the mountains and desserts of our planet. With his artistic work Hendrik Hackl transfers the fossils into the information age - showing their individual beauty and causing questions about their origin and age...